Julia Gregg

Partnerships and Communication Manager

Collingwood Yards

I’m excited by this unique opportunity to gain and apply knowledge from peers and experts insights in governance and caretaking practices in creative places.

By undertaking study into co-created frameworks of value, exchange and evaluation and travelling to learn from peers and places via attachments throughout Europe and Asia I’m able to further develop expertise in forming and sustaining creative hub models and place-based impact.

By exploring these models and their contextual community engagement and management frameworks, I can build a deeper understanding of how to effectively support and sustain the generative capacity of these unique spaces.

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Qian Ong

Studio and Faculty Coordinator

Australian National Academy of Music

I have always been fascinated by the power of music, and its increased meaning through engagement with its audience.

Classical music is my passion, and I am keen to explore the community engagement practices in the sector. I will be travelling around Australia and to the UK to study programs in world-leading academies and organisations, and have intimate conversations, with the aim of developing a deeper understanding of successes and barriers to engagement. I hope to use this insight to create programs that can connect the community with classical music in a deeply meaningful and genuine way, and to actively participate in conversations on the continuing relevance and importance of the artform.

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Iguot Mabor


Business Support Officer

Footscray Community Arts

I am one of a few individuals in my community to pursue registration in psychology. This means that as a community we only have a handful of psychologists who are culturally safe options when seeking help for mental health challenges.

My passion in life is to empower people to achieve mental health wellness. I am a migrant who comes from a war-torn country, and I understand the challenges and barriers for migrants to achieve mental health wellness deeply. I am interested in the relationship between mental health and the arts in particular, because the arts can be used as a valuable tool to help people with their mental health challenges. The term ‘art’ is complex and has different meanings for different communities. As part of my project, I want to explore what art means to minority communities, what is available to them locally and uncover the potential this has to shape their wellbeing. To do this, I will be visiting places in Western Australia, New South Wales and Victoria that have a big population of minority communities to research local art centres and discover what is available to them in terms of art. My long-term goal is to transform this knowledge into action, and incorporate art into my practice as a valuable tool to support people from different communities achieve life-long mental health wellness

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Tom Browne

Senior Producer

Melbourne International Jazz Festival

As an avid music lover, I’m passionate about supporting the incredible talent we have here in Australia, and finding new ways to help our artists build sustainable and rewarding careers.

I will be travelling to Austin, Texas to attend the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference and festival in 2023 and 2024, where I hope to forge new connections and identify opportunities for Australian musical export, particularly for queer artists and those often overlooked in the genres of jazz and art music. SXSW’s renowned conference program will expose me to knowledge and ideas I cannot access in Australia, while also offering invaluable networking opportunities – my hope is that engaging with a global network of music leaders in this way will lead me toward establishing real and impactful touring outcomes for young Australian musicians in the future.

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Latoyah Forsyth

Head of Marketing and Visitor Experience

Melbourne Recital Centre

My love for arts and culture is so deeply woven into my sense of self and being.

My imagination was ignited by experiencing live music, theatre and art from a young age, I knew it was the industry for me to grow, learn and make positive change. Over the last few years, I’ve unlocked something inside me that has crystallised my future to evolve as a leader, change-maker and positive impact creator in the arts. I care about what we as arts practitioners and administrators do, how we do it, the value we create and how we enable others to join us on that journey. With this front of mind, I am travelling to London to study at the London Business School, one of the best business schools in the world, to elevate my leadership skills and potential. I will also be venturing to iconic and impactful arts institutions, businesses and venues across London and Scotland to meet with colleagues, peers and connections to expand my perspectives on leadership, sustainable organisational change, creative experimentation, value creation and positive impact for the community. I am incredibly grateful to the Betty Amsden Foundation for their belief in me and for their meaningful support.

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Jamie Lewis


Next Wave

It has been 2 years of leading Next Wave, and I have found that my work so far as an artist, and at Next Wave – the new strategic plan, the remodeling, the ethics of leadership and artist-centered processes being the seed for institutional change, the practice of care – not only has global resonance but is also leading the way nationally and internationally.

I am hungry to expand critical friendships; to be challenged by practices pushing at these boundaries; to seek other examples to extend on what I am doing – to discover the things I don’t yet know. Most importantly, for the reflective time to dream into the leadership for what would come in 5 years’ time and beyond. To write, to consolidate, to articulate what I have come to learn, and what I seek to learn – continue forging my artistic and leadership practice.

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Belinda Locke

Independent Director

Theatremaker, Disability Advocate

I’m interested in progressing approaches to accessible exhibition design and knowledge of disability-led curatorial practices.

There are very few examples of this in major arts institutions, and the ‘aesthetics of access’ is a developing concept and area of practice globally. Whilst this is a problem it is also an opportunity to innovate, educate and find exciting and creative solutions and ways of working that mean those of us who live with disability and chronic illness have equitable cultural access.


The Betty Amsden Award will afford me the time and resources to research and experience how other Deaf and Disabled artists and arts organisations are approaching accessible exhibition design and event curation in Australia, Canada and the UK. Particular areas of focus for me will be approaches to psychological and sensory access components, which make a daily impact on my own life and arts practice.

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